Change is rapidly occurring through the explosion of the internet, social media and population growth. It’s changing the way we relate to one another, the way we affect the world and the environment, and the way we do business. We must make fast decisions. We must be able to lead ourselves and others through change, to embrace new ideas and communicate our ideas clearly, effectively and persuasively. The values we hold to ensure this happens are: INTEGRITY, RESPECT, HONESTY, CREATIVITY and RESOURCEFULNESS. Our vision as a leading Nigerian elite consulting firm is to encourage interdependency, create strategic alliances and to foster growth, joy and prosperity for all stakeholders. It’s time to be confident – to be impressive – to be authentic. It is time to master the ART OF PUBLIC SPEAKING and PRESENTING, the power of YOU.


StevenHaastrup.Org is an organization of international experts, trainers and coaches on public speaking and presentation.The organization is primarily for the elites (CEO’s, Business Executives andPolitical Office Holders) whose goal is to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. Our mission is to assist individuals and organizations around Nigeria and abroad to communicate effectively, authentically and powerfully so they can: • Create empowering relationships • Build more successful businesses and careers • Develop inspiring leaders • Encourage unique expression • Contribute positively to the world